Top BIR-Registered Influencers in the Philippines

With the average person seeing between 6,000 and 10,000 ads a day, it becomes more difficult for brands to compete for attention online. This is why influencer marketing is a favorite tool for businesses in 2021.

Influencers in the Philippines

Dubbed as the “Social Media Capital of the World”, there’s no doubt that being an influencer is an attractive and lucrative career choice in the Philippines.

With over 73 million active internet and social media users in the country, anyone can carve out a niche and build a loyal following.

In fact, there are now more than 1,750 YouTube channels with at least 100k subscribers. More interestingly, these channels come from a diverse set of backgrounds such as daily vlogs, comedy, education, and even poultry farming!

RMC 97-2021

It’s not only businesses that acknowledge the importance of influencers. Recently, the Bureau of Internal Revenue has set its eyes on influencers too!

With the release of RMC 97-2021, the BIR basically says that influencers have to pay taxes as well!

By law, anyone who’s earning income outside of employment must register and file the appropriate taxes. So, what was said in the memorandum wasn’t anything new. It’s just the tax bureau giving a nudge to influencers that they’re keeping an eye on them.

Why Businesses Look for BIR-Registered Influencers

Nothing else shows an influencer is serious about their career more than a Certificate of Registration and Official Receipts. This sends a signal to companies that being an influencer is not just a hobby but also a business that gets your full, undivided attention.

There’s also paperwork to consider. It’s easier to make an expense with an individual that can provide an Official Receipt.

From a tax perspective, this saves you the stress of worrying if ever the BIR decides to audit your company. And from an accounting perspective, it’s easier to substantiate an expense that has an OR.

BIR-Registered Influencers List

To help Philippine businesses with their influencer marketing programs, we’ve created a list of influencers whom we have personally verified to have the proper documentation from the BIR.

If you want to contact any of these individuals, you can contact them through their email addresses in the table below:

NameSocial Media Channels Content NicheEmail Address
Ginger ArboledaTikTok, Own Blog, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, InstagramMommyhood, Business, Finance, Productivity, and
Nes Zeus MatiasFacebook, InstagramBrand
Aaron Rufino PalabyabYouTube, Facebook, InstagramTravel, Video and Photography, moto vlogs, road
Jennifer NonFacebook, Instagram, YouTubeYoga, fitness/wellness, and body
Danica TanjutcoInstagramTravel and
Quina BaternaOwn Blog,
Francesca GonzalezFacebook, Twitter, InstagramPositive storytelling thru digital illustration and GIF
Monette Santos-FiderFacebook, LinkedInCoaching, Facilitating Workshops and
Jose Mari Victor SilayanInstagramSports &
Lizzette MagpantayInstagram, FacebookCustom furniture made from reclaimed
Magdalena BernardinoInstagram, FacebookBranding and Social Media
Alyssa Bianca JacintoFacebook, Instagram, Kumu, LazLiveSkincare, Makeup, Home Essentials, Theater Singing,
Feliz LucasOwn Blog, Facebook, Instagram, YouTubeIntentional homeschooling parent and lifestyle, personal
Mary Louise AlcantaraFacebook, Instagram, Own BlogMusic, travel,
Wayne Albert EvangelistaTikTok, Own Blog, Facebook, YouTube, TwitterBusiness and
Maria Cecilia CruzFacebook, InstagramFilm and Media Production, German Language
John Lemuel JumawidInstagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTubeFreelancing, Content Creation and Personal
Rochella CaguinFacebook, InstagramFreelancing
Gelyka DumaraosOwn Blog, FacebookTravel and
Zeus GragedaFacebook, InstagramSubscription Box for

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