All You Need to Know About BIR Form 0619E (Updated 2022)

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Throughout the years, changes have been implemented to the country’s tax systems to ensure fairness and efficiency. In addition to updating guidelines for tax filing, the Bureau of International Revenue (BIR) has introduced new forms as well. 

Today, we’re highlighting one of the latest forms introduced by the BIR: Form 0619E or the Monthly Remittance Form of Income Tax Withheld (Expanded).  

What is BIR Form 0619E?

BIR released Forms Package Version 7.1 back in May 2018. The three different forms on this package include forms 0619F, the updated 1701Q, and 0619E.

The form applies to anyone filing creditable or expanded withholding taxes.

Expanded Withholding Tax

Unlike withholding tax on compensation, expanded withholding taxes apply to certain incomes where there’s no employee-employer present. Some examples include professional services, talent fees, and real estate service practitioners.

Who is required to file BIR Form 0619E?

Based on the definition of EWT, the entities required to file BIR Form 0619E are withholding agents. As a withholding agent, you’re also required to remit the total tax amount to the government. 

Note that withholding agents can also apply to self-employed individuals since they’re not signed to a specific employer. If you happen to be self-employed – all income you gain from your profession is subject to 8% tax rate as opposed to the previous 10% to 15%. 

If you’re a mixed income earner, you’re also required to file your expanded taxes using BIR Form 0619E.

Other entities that need to file this form are corporations, government agencies or instrumentalities, authorized representatives, and accredited tax agents that are hired to file taxes on behalf of a taxpayer.

When do I need to file BIR Form 0619E?

BIR Form 0619E is to be filed in the first 2 months of each quarter:

bir form 0619e deadlines

Note that you won’t be able to file this form during the months of March, June, September, and December. You will have to use the BIR Form 0619F instead, which is for your final withholding tax.

*Taxumo’s deadlines are marked a few days before BIR’s deadline. This is to ensure that you never miss out on submitting your taxes!

Where do I submit BIR Form 0619E?

The BIR Form 0619E must be filed with an Authorized Agent Bank (AAB) located within the jurisdiction of the Revenue District Office (RDO). If there are no AABs within the area, then the form must be filed with a Revenue Collection Officer (RCO) of the RDO who will issue an Electronic Revenue Official Receipt (eROR).

If you’re planning on filing with an AAB, make sure to accomplish and submit a BIR-prescribed deposit slip to validate your remittance. Bank tellers use a machine to do this and also stamp the form with the word ‘received’ as evidence.

You can also opt for online payment/remittance via online banking or accredited tax compliance platforms like Taxumo.  

Penalties for Improper Filing

If you fail to submit the BIR Form 0619E or violate any withholding tax provisions, you will be penalized. The penalties will be in the form of heavy fines – depending on the scale of the violation.

  • Failure to file any form and pay any amount – installment or due – on or before the deadline will receive a surcharge of 25%. 
  • The same penalty (25% surcharge) is also imposed for filing a form with an individual that is not authorized to perform such actions and for failure to remit the deficiency tax within the time prescribed. 
  • A surcharge that amounts to 50% is imposed upon individuals who neglect to file the form or commit tax fraud.

There are other penalties, but it’s best to avoid them altogether and file your expanded withholding taxes appropriately.

Key Takeaway

The country’s tax system will keep updating, so it’s crucial to be in the loop to avoid any penalties. To save time and increase efficiency, sign up for a tax app that keeps you updated on your tax dues.

Taxumo is a BIR-accredited tax automation platform. You can sign up for free and start exploring its many features to make filing taxes a worry-free experience.

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  1. Dear Evan, I looked up your site to find out about the actual due date. Now all I can read is either the 10th OR the 15th. Which one is it and when – you may add this to your article.

  2. What if the actual deadline falls on a weekend say for example for Group E Tax EFPS tax filers, the due date is 11th and it falls on a Saturday, will it move to Monday (13th)? or not?

    Thank you!

  3. Hello.i have question, what if the landlord of the building refuses to have the 5% deduction? Do i have to pay the 5% on top of my rent? Thank you in advance for answering.

    1. Maria Millicent Dela Cruz

      Hello Juan,

      Yes, the renter will have to add on 5% (by dividing the net amount paid by 0.95) to show that they withheld 5% from the payment. If he wants to declare the rent as an expense, he has to show that she is withholding.

      Example: If they are paying the landlord PHP 100 in cash, then they need to show the BIR that this is the net amount. That means they also need to declare that they withheld PHP 5.26 (PHP 105.26 = P100 cash + P5.26 EWT).

      Hope this clarifies 🙂

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